1 and 3 Step Sparring

This is a semi-free form of sparring which is a very useful training tool and is learnt from Yellow Belt upwards forming an important part of training.

Master's  Joe And Gina perform 1 step sparring

Each partner stands at arms' length apart facing each other. One partner attacks using a front obverse punch into walking stance. The defender simultaneously defends and counters. Techniques should be appropriate for the grade with lower grades perfecting their focus, distance & timing, with higher grades being more flamboyant and technical.

As an addition higher grades may attack with front and turning kicks with suitable defences and counters. Many people think that they do not know what to do or how to go about developing 1-Step. While some Taekwondo practitioners learn a preset list of one-step routines we do not, instead prefering students to develop there own, freestyle, counter attacks. These techniques can be directly transferred to self-defence and as such may incorporate knees, elbows, joint locks and throws which would not normally be allowed in free sparring.

Master's  Joe And Gina perform 3 step sparring.

Attacking in three step semi-free sparring involves any three attacks at the discretion of the student.
The attacks may be kicks, punches, strikes or thrusts.
Unless told otherwise three-step sparring is carried out as follows;
From narani jumbi so the  attacker drops back into a  left walking stance, obverse low block. The attacker will then kiap indicating that they are ready to begin the attack.
The defender will stay in narani jumbi so until they are ready for the attacker to start. Once they are ready they will kiap signalling for the attack to begin.
The attacker will make three middle section, obverse punches while stepping forward.
At the same time the defender will make three blocking techniques while stepping backwards. After the third attack the defender then counter-attacks.